This program will provide funding to support new Business Development Officer Internships.

Interns will have a clear scope and defined measurements. Back up projects will be required to ensure the intern has enough work. Interns will have a mentor to shadow and ask questions. The mentor will guide work environment, assign tasks and check on progress.

Business Development Mentoring – they will work directly under the IBDS member’s BDO to help mentor and build, their capacity in business planning skills development.

Path-Finding Service – a primary activity of the intern will be to act as a conduit between clients and business services offered by other organizations. Essentially they will map out the partners and necessary resource organizations that a client will need and direct them to these services.

Shoulder-Tapper – the intern will also act as a shoulder tapper in their respective communities. This on the ground community member would network any possible opportunities to economic development or new individual business ideas in their communities

Eligible Applicants

  • AFI CF's

Eligible interns

  • Studying Business in Post Secondary institution or related equivalent experience

  • First Nations, Status, Non-Status, Inuit, Metis people

Eligible Costs

  • Salaries, wages

  • Training applicable to position

  • Travel costs up to 5% of IBDS total allocation.

Ineligible Costs

  • Office costs and equipment costs

  • Costs related to hosting, travelling to or attending meetings, conferences, trade shows, industry events, or trade missions

  • Hospitality costs including meals or alcohol, lodging, clothing and uniforms, and all giveaways

  • Costs incurred (work started and/or deposits paid) prior to signing an agreement with Indigenous Business Development Services

  • Postage (including for direct mail campaigns), phone office space rental, photocopying, or in-house printing

  • Project cost over-runs

  • In-kind (volunteer) labor and/or monetized donations (donated materials, equipment, or services from third parties). These are encouraged, but cannot be considered as a cash equivalent contribution under this program

  • Marketing or advertising costs related to filling the position

Application Intake Dates

No intake date IBDS Application Intake will remain open until March 31 2019.

Application and Program Requirements

All applicants are required to confirm and/or submit the following information.  Only applicants that meet these requirements will be processed.

  • Complete the IBDS Internship Initiatives Form

  • The project must be located within the applicants respective community or region

  • Confirmation of matching funds

  • Certificate of Incorporation (if applicable)

  • Submit the Appointment of Delegate Form


A project is considered complete once the interns have completed their 4-month period of employment. Reporting on measurable outcomes will be required from all successful applicants approximately one month after project completion. If an applicant fails to submit their reporting forms, future projects will be ineligible for funding. Late reporting will put IBDS funds in jeopardy.